Webinar: Brain Based Career Coaching

November 14th, 2019 | 3:00 p.m. EST | $349

An award-winning method on the cutting edge of career development work. Join our expert facilitator to learn how integrating current neuro-psychology research into career work can empower students to take ownership over their career development journey.


Who Should Attend?

This program is ideal for career development professionals:

  • College Career Services Professionals

  • Career Coaches

  • Career Advisors

  • Career Counselors

  • Directors of Career Services


Ohio University’s Career and Leadership Development Center was the winner of a 2018 National Excellence Award for Career Services Excellence from NACE for their development of brain based career coaching. This cutting-edge method uses the latest insights into how the brain works to provide more effective career development. Neuropsychology research gives insights on how the brain makes connections, remembers information, makes decisions, etc. By applying these findings to your work, you can empower students to ask themselves the important questions in their personal career journey and help students learn how to discover the answers for themselves. During this interactive webinar, the expert facilitator will help attendees:

  • Become familiar with neuroscience research underlying this coaching method

  • Consider how brain based career coaching differs from other types of career development practices

  • Begin integrating brain based development methods into your current work

  • Practice career coaching scenarios utilizing a brain-based coaching method

Learning Outcome

Attendees will be able to apply current neuroscience research findings to provide more effective and powerful career development.


Registration for Live Webinar and On-Demand Download   $349

Your registration includes:

  • Live webinar access: invite your whole team.

  • On-demand access to the recording emailed 5 days after the webinar airs (available for 14 days)

  • Option to download the recording for your training library

  • Access to electronic versions of presentation materials and additional resources

  • Only $25 for additional webinar connections for members of the same institution - great for colleagues who want to join in on the learning from off campus locations.


Imants Jaunarajs, Assistant Dean of Students, Ohio University

Imants serves as the Assistant Dean for the Career & Leadership Development Center (CLDC) at Ohio University. With over twelve years of experience in university career centers, he is a creator of innovative and outcome-driven career development best practices, including Brain Based Career Development (BBCD) and Leadership Coaching (an executive coaching model for undergraduate students). In the fall of 2012, Imants led the merger of “Career Services” with the “Leadership Center” to create the Career & Leadership Development Center at Ohio University. Starting with only one staff member, Imants strategically developed the new career services paradigm and currently oversees a staff of 18 professionals and 35 graduate and undergraduate student employees. In 2018, the CLDC was the winner of the National Excellence Award for Career Services Excellence. He graduated from NCDA’s Leadership Academy and NACE’s Leadership Advancement Program, presents regularly at national conferences and co-authored a monograph on Brain Based Career Development through NACE. He also consults and trains colleagues at peer institutions on the practice of Brain Based Career Development.

Event Questions?

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