A Creative Solution to Get More Students in the Door of Campus Career Services

Published June 2019 by Eduology

Nationally, nearly 4 in 10 graduates never visited their school’s career services office or used online career resources (Gallup, 2016). Yet, research indicates having professional goals increases student success and retention. Expanding the reach of career services on campus is crucial to helping students develop these goals, complete their degrees and prepare for professional success after graduation.

One campus career center came up with a creative solution to do just that. At the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s, Katie Wessel noticed that many college students have already asked their academic advisors, professors and other campus professionals advice about choosing a career. She designed a career counseling certificate training program to give campus staff and faculty skills and confidence to engage in career advising conversations with students.


Their training ensures students' initial encounters with the career development process are positive and helpful. Also, by developing a program to partner with campus professionals and faculty, she has created a team who are educated to make informed referrals to campus career resources while providing students consistent messaging about the importance of career development throughout their college career.

Now a Senior Career Advisor at Creighton University, Wessel is working on developing the program for a new group of college professionals. The program, like the one at the University of Nebraska, will incentivize participation by providing certificate and professional development credit. However, the program’s main goal is to get more students to use career services and to create career center ambassadors throughout campus who have the skills and knowledge to help students with career questions whenever and wherever the conversation arises.