Assessing Your Professionalism

Take this survey to determine your strengths and areas of improvement in the area of professionalism.

Professional Attribute

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 for each attribute below.

1=Rarely      2=Seldom       3=Sometimes         4=Often          5=Always


  1. I am on time to meetings/appointments.

  2. I am prepared for meetings/appointments.

  3. I set clear start and end times for meetings/appointments I schedule.

  4. I stick to the end time.

  5. I DO NOT over schedule my time.

  6. I role model good time management.

Work Ethic

  1. I am self-motivated.

  2. I am competent/I do a good job.

  3. Others can rely on me.

  4. If I can't complete a project on time, I let others know.

  5. I own up to a mistake and try to fix it if possible.

  6. I ask for help when I need it.


  1. I listen actively to others.

  2. I convey a positive attitude.

  3. I stay calm and poised even in challenging situations.

  4. I have an appropriate social media presences.

  5. I provide clear and timely written and phone communication.

  6. I keep appropriate communication records.

  7. I manage conflict effectively by addressing the conflict assertively but not aggressively.

Physical Presentation

  1. I dress appropriately for my position.

  2. I make eye contact with others.

  3. I give a firm handshake.


  1. I am friendly but maintain professional boundaries.

Now What?

We all have strengths and areas for improvement. Celebrate your strengths and identify 1 area in which you would like to improve. Set small, achievable goals to help you. For example, if you have trouble getting places on time, set an alarm clock for 15 minutes before you need to leave to get somewhere. That way, if you have to find keys, grab snacks, etc. you’ll have plenty of last-minute, rush around time.

1. Celebrate a strength! Whoo hoo! Way to go!

2. Choose one area in which to make improvements.

3. Set small, achievable goals to help you improve.