about Eduology’s Peer Leader Center

Devoted to helping students grow as college peer leaders, we provide training to students need to develop skills and gain experience so that they can serve as effective leaders, mentors, and educators in their communities now and in the future.


The Peer Leader Center's mission is to help college students excel in leadership and mentoring roles. To that end, the center provides training for college students who provide mentoring and leadership to others through such activities as peer mentoring, resident advising, peer advising, peer education, cultural mentoring, peer counseling, peer career counseling, and other similar areas of peer leadership.


We strive to provide college students the opportunity and training to excel as mentors, educators, and leaders now and in the future.


The Peer Mentoring Certificate Course

The Peer Mentor Certificate indicate that  students have the basic skills needed to excel as peer mentors-the first step of excellent peer leadership. Students can apply for the certificate after completing the 8-hour online Peer Mentor Certification Program and 25 hours of peer mentoring. The series teaches students about the role, ethics, and skills involved in peer mentoring and provides practical assignments to help students apply learning to their peer mentoring sessions and reflect on the experience. Course Information

Videos and On-Demand Recordings with Workbook Activities

The following training videos and on-demand recordings are available to help train peer leaders for success.

Recorded Webinar Training Videos

  • Academic Coaching for Peer Mentors

  • Collecting and Reporting Data for Professionals

  • Developing Learning Outcomes for Professionals

  • Creating a Safe Space for Peer Leaders

  • Why Lead for Peer Leaders

  • From Peer Leader to Professional for Peer Leaders

  • Effective Communication with Mentees & Supervisors for Peer Leaders

Training Videos with Workbooks

  • The Role of the Peer Mentor Video and Workbook

  • Building Rapport With and Motivating Mentees Video and Workbook

  • Listening and Questioning Skills for Peer Mentors Video and Workbook

  • Effectively Handling Conflict for Peer Leaders Video and Workbook



The Peer Leader Center has also partnered with higher education institutions to help create state and regional peer mentor conferences for college students.

The Rocky Mountain Peer Leadership Conference

The conference was held on March 10, 2018.This conference is hosted by the University of Colorado-Denver PAL Program.

The Texas Peer Leadership Conference

The Texas Peer Leadership Conference was held October 13-14, 2017 at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.


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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
— John F. Kennedy
Helping students develop the integrity and strength of character that prepare them for leadership may be one of the most challenging and important goals of higher education.
— Psychologist Patricia King (1997)