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5 Ways to Improve First-Generation Student Success

Why are first generation students twice as likely to leave college without earning a degree? According to studies, one key factor is that students need more information about financing a college degree. First-generation students make up a significant segment of the college population--34% of students at 4-year institutions and 53% of students at 2-year institutions. In addressing their needs, an institution ...Read More

Cog Academic Coach Model: Improving the Well-Being of Students and Advisors

As academic advisors and coaches are asked to do more with less, there is the tendency for stress levels to rise, a decreased present moment interaction with students and colleagues and increased emotional labor (Sechelski & Story, 2018).  These challenges necessitate new approaches to advisor training, providing strategies to decrease stress and promote focus and emotion regulation....Read More


Upcoming Programs for Professionals

Eduology provides quality training opportunities to higher education professionals in support of college student success, retention efforts and effective program management. Home to the Peer Leader Center, we also provide training videos, workbooks, webinars, and an online certificate course for college students in peer mentorship and leadership roles. Check out these in-session or upcoming programs:

EQ-i 2.0 Training          Peer Mentor Course          Program Assessment          Change Management         Mentoring Certification