Attendees of The Rocky Mountain Peer Leadership Conference are invited to join us for a pre-conference event:

"Developing a Cultural Awareness Training for Your Campus"

Friday, March 6th at 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. at the University of Colorado-Denver Campus


Who Should Attend?

  • Peer leaders and educational professionals who want to enhance their abilities to work with students from diverse student populations.

  • Peer leaders and educational professionals who will train others on campus on the topic of cultural awareness.

If you work with students from cultural backgrounds that differ from your own, it's critical to develop awareness of your own cultural values and strong intercultural communication skills.This workshop will start off with the intercultural communication basics needed to become flexible in our interactions with individuals whose lives are different from our own. By analyzing our awareness from within, we can then lead by example. Next, the workshop will give you the tools to design a short training you can use on your campus. Gain the training to communicate with others using effective intercultural communication techniques and to begin training others on campus to do the same. This workshop includes engaging activities, reflection, discussion and lesson planning to help you develop your own skills and provide an introductory training on cultural awareness and intercultural communication skills to others on your campus.


Chris Tombari, Chair, Aurora Language Center

Chris heads up a comprehensive ESL program that serves Adult English Language Learners from beginning levels all the up through those preparing for college study. He has worked extensively with adult ELLs since 1993 in instruction, curriculum and program design, and teacher training. Chris began his training in intercultural communication as a Peace Corps volunteer.  Since then he has taught numerous workshops on cultural awareness and intercultural communication.  He has provided leadership to teachers not only in his own program but state-wide as the president of the Colorado Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages association (COTESOL). A highly experienced teacher and trainer, Chris creates a experiential, comfortable and exciting environment for learning about cultural awareness and intercultural communication.

Lisa Wexler, Director, The Peer Leader Center

Lisa oversees the development and implementation of national in-person and online training events for students and professionals involved in peer leadership programs, including a new video series on the Basics of Cultural Awareness.She also currently teaches English as a Second Language to immigrant students at the Aurora Language Center. Previously, she was a faculty at the University of Denver's English Language Center, teaching English and culture to immigrant students. She has been developing and/or facilitating intercultural communication training since 2005. As an experienced educator and trainer, Lisa focuses on developing students' knowledge of cultural awareness through highly interactive and engaging learning experiences.