Workshop and Poster Presentation



Workshop Session Proposal (Deadline: February 15, 2015)

Workshop Session will last 60 minutes. The workshop should be a mixture of presentation, discussion, and/or activities. The goal of the workshops is to help those who attend your workshop to learn and share about the topic in an interactive way. This format is ideal for professional staff and faculty or experienced peer leaders (small groups welcome) to share their most effective training sessions with peer leaders from around the state. This is a great opportunity for both professional staff/faculty and experienced mentors to share their most engaging, helpful, or practical training session. Presenters of accepted workshop proposals will receive a $10 discount off their registrations.


Workshop Proposal Form

Workshop proposals are due February 1st and will receive a response by February 10th. 


Poster Presentation Sign-up (Deadline: February 15, 2015)

Poster presentations will take place in the afternoon. Posters are set up around the room, and attendees casually walk around viewing the information and talking to the presenters--the presentation style is informal. The purpose is to provide a chance for peer leaders to showcase their programs and speak to individuals from other institutions. This is an opportunity to tell others from around the state why your program is successful and influential. Attendees will gain a broader understanding of the differences and similarities among various peer leadership programs. This is a great way for mentors to get involved and have a chance to present at a regional conference!

We suggest you have at least 2-3 presenters for your poster session so that you can take turns stepping away to look at other attendees' posters! We will supply the table, so just bring items such as informational posters, brochures, giveaways, and other marketing materials. Be creative and have fun! 

Poster Presentation Sign-up Form

Please fill out the following form to sign up for a poster session or propose a workshop. Poster session proposals are due by February 15th.