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Eduology provides quality training opportunities to higher education professionals in support of college student success, retention efforts and effective program management. Home to the Peer Leader Center, we also provide training videos, workbooks, webinars, and an online certificate course for college students in peer mentorship and leadership roles. Check out these in-session or upcoming programs:

Brain Based Career Coaching              EQ-i 2.0 Training              Change Management       

Higher Ed Program Assessment Peer Mentor Course         Mentoring Certification      



Engaging, Practical, Effective

We provide research-based expert training to higher education professionals. Gain practical strategies to provide optimal leadership and promote student success to best meet the needs of today's diverse student population.

Our webinars are research-based, interactive and provided by higher education experts. Each training helps you acquire practical skills and includes a follow-up activity, so you can apply what you learn to what you do on your campus every day. 


The Peer Leader Center

The Peer Leader Center provides leadership, communication and professional training to help college peer mentors and leaders succeed in their roles on campus and develop skills for their future professional lives. We provide webinar and video training and help develop state and regional college student leadership conferences with college partners.

"Helping students to develop the integrity and strength of character that prepare them for leadership may be one of the most challenging and important goals of higher education" (Patricia King 1997).