Peer Mentor Certification Course

Give college students a variety of tools and strategies to succeed in their new roles as peer mentors.

  • 8-hour online, asynchronous course - begin any time

  • 14 short units with readings, videos, activities, and practice scenarios

  • Mentoring resources for peer academic coaching

  • Topics aligned with the College Reading and Language Association’s recommendations under their Level 1 mentor training certification

  • Leads to The Peer Leader Center’s National Peer Mentor Certificate

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The course costs $99/student, discounts for groups of 10 or more (email for group discount information)

Registration includes:

  • Access to online course management system and progress tracking

  • Short readings

  • Follow-up, practical activities

  • Practice scenarios

  • Quizzes

  • Videos and webinar recordings bank

  • Course curriculum in line with CRLA mentor training certification requirements

  • Peer Mentoring Certificate upon successfully finishing the course and submitting a short application with verification of having completed 25 practical mentoring hours

  • The Peer Mentor Challenge: a series of emails with a challenge to keep students practicing their skills throughout their course. The emails also give mentoring tips and resources.

About the Course

Who Should Register?

The Peer Leader Center's Peer Mentoring Certification Course 8-hour course is ideal for introducing critical mentoring skills to new mentors, reviewing these skills with returning peer leaders or college professionals.

  • Undergraduate college peer leaders who are new to peer mentoring in such programs as first-year experience, TRIO, academic advising, student organizations, resident advising, peer education, supplementary instruction, tutoring, supplementary instruction, cultural ambassador, diversity, peer counseling/advising, career services

  • Professionals who coordinate undergraduate peer mentoring programs and are looking to expand their training skills or want to attend alongside their students


This 8-hour course is offered in an online, asynchronous format throughout the year. The topics are aligned with the College Reading and Language Association’s recommendations under their Level 1 mentor training certification. After completing this course, students will be able to articulate and perform the basic skills of peer mentoring.

The online course is completed in 14 short learning modules and includes reading, activities, scenario practice, quizzes and a video bank to introduce knowledge and skills in each of the following competency areas:

  • Understanding the Peer Mentor's Role and Responsibilities

  • Applying the Do’s and Don’ts of Peer Mentoring

  • Building Communication Skills in Listening and Asking Questions

  • Building Rapport and Motivating Mentees

  • Increasing Cultural Awareness

  • Preparing Students to Study through Academic Coaching

  • Utilizing Campus and Community Resources and Referral Skills

  • Navigating Legal and Ethical Issues in Peer Mentoring

  • Developing a Safe Space

  • Making Effective Counseling Referrals

Course Design

The course is designed by a national expert in peer mentoring and an instructional designer ensuring excellence in both content and delivery. Each of the 14 sessions applies best practices in instructional design in which students engage in short readings and applied learning activities such as problem solving case studies and scenarios. The instruction is cyclical so that students review competency areas again and again throughout the course improving student comprehension and retention of content material. Quizzes, pre-assessment and post-assessment assures students have learned the material and measures growth. After successfully completing the course and 25 hours of mentoring, students can apply for The Peer Leader Center’s national peer mentoring certificate.

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Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • understand and respect the professional responsibilities and boundaries of the peer mentor position.

  • use listening and questioning strategies to help mentees discover, develop, and apply their strengths in college and beyond.

  • use self-reflection and diversity awareness strategies to better understand diverse perspectives.

  • recognize and employ key elements of a safe space.

  • use relationship-building strategies and motivators to help mentees to set and achieve personal goals.

  • explain and demonstrate research-based study skills and strategies.

  • identify key resources available to students on their campuses and communities.

  • identify characteristics of students in crisis and make effective referrals.

  • delineate key legal and ethical issues in peer mentoring.

  • problem-solve challenging peer mentoring scenarios.

  • apply concepts from college student development theory and learning theories.

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