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The EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence assessment gives you a snapshot of your current emotional well-being. You will learn about your emotional intelligence in 15 different areas, including self-regard, independence, interpersonal relationships, stress tolerance, and reality testing. You will receive a personalized results report, which a trained coach will debrief with you to help you reflect on your current emotional landscape and take action steps to improve your emotional well-being and relationships.


How will this process help me personally and professionally?

Emotional well-being opens doors to a healthier life. Taking steps to improve even one or two areas of emotional intelligence can increase happiness and improve relationships in all areas of your life. Moreover, emotional well-being is crucial to a successful professional life in your roles as colleague, team member and leader.

How does the EQ-i 2.0 assessment work?

The EQi 2.0 Emotional Quotient Inventory measures 15 dimensions of emotional capacity. For example, your ability to have strong interpersonal skills is different from your ability to empathize with others or your capacity to be intelligently aware of yourself.

Even the ability to be intelligently aware of yourself, or self-perception, can be further analyzed into its component parts: self-regard, self-actualization, and emotional self-awareness.

Your personalized results report and your coach will help you understand your capacity in each of the 15 emotional dimensions as well as how some of these components interact with each other to give you a detailed picture of your current emotional well-being.

The EQi-2.0 is based on the assessment model of emotional intelligence (EI) first formulated by Dr. Reuven Bar-On and licensed by Multi-Health System Inc..

One of the most comprehensive tools available, the EQi-2.0 provides a detailed look at your strengths and areas for growth. The assessment results report gives suggestions for you can improve in your potential growth areas. The results are presented with graphs, charts and other images that visual learners appreciate. 

Dr. Reuven Bar-On was one of the pioneers in developing emotional intelligence measures and came up with one of the first scientifically valid tests of EI. Approved by the American Psychological Association, it is a go-to for EI researchers. The EQi-2.O, the current version, is one of the most widely used EI assessments in the world. We use both the professional and college student versions with clients.

What if I have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Email info@eduology.org or call 720-517-1816

Pricing and Packages

Assessment Package 1

This package includes your assessment, an individualized results report, and a one-hour debrief session.

Professional Version: $249.00 | Student Version: 179.00

Assessment Package 2

This package includes your assessment, an individualized results report, and a one-hour debrief session, PLUS two 30-minute, follow-up coaching sessions.

Professional Version: $379.00 | Student Version: $299.00

The Process

Step 1: After you sign up, you will receive an introduction email from your coach with a link to take the assessment.

Step 2: After you complete your assessment, you will schedule a one-hour debrief session by phone or live, online video conferencing during which you will receive and talk through your personalized results report. The debrief session helps you understand the report, reflect on your strengths and opportunities and consider steps for improvement.

Step 3: If you chooses Assessment Package 2, you will also receive two 30-minute coaching sessions following the debrief session. The two follow-up coaching sessions help you take action to improve your emotional well-being.